Hi! My name is Ivy. 
I'm the owner and maker of TEN|4 Candle Co. I started dreaming up TEN|4 Candle Co. in March of 2021. I have worked in Real Estate for the past 8 Years but have always been more of a creative soul. I was a makeup artist right after college. I love teaching myself new skills, creating, and finding ways to combine that love with giving back to my community and my love of dogs. I am born and raised in Chicago, and love my Mexican roots.
I was inspired to build this company after coming across an article on women entrepreneurs. I never really pictured that in myself even in Real Estate it always felt like it belonged to anyone else but me. But after that day, I could not get the idea out of my head of building a business of my own and becoming one of those women I was so inspired by. I believe it's always been in me, I just needed a lightbulb moment. 

Fragrance has always been so interesting to me, how it can bring on memories and change your mood, so candle making just seemed to fit. I bought a small kit on Amazon, started researching everything that goes into making a candle, turns out it's not as easy as I thought! For 9 months I tested and obsessed over how to make a cleaner, longer lasting candle that burns safely. I source clean burning wax, and fragrance oils from women owned small business fragrance houses. 

TEN|4 Candle Co. is a collaboration of my need to create beautiful things and my love of animals. It's in honor of the dogs I have been lucky enough to love in my 34 years of life. I hope to give back what I have been so lucky to receive.