• 3 Brilliant Ways To Use CANDLES

    3 Brilliant Ways To Use CANDLES

    Candles are a wonderful addition to our every day lives. They can create an ambiance, set a mood and even evoke memories. We choose our scents in candles based on our emotions, but there are several ways to get the most out of your candle experience. Here is a list of five ways you can enjoy a candle and make it a fun ritual to enjoy.

    1) Aromatherapy - Technology has come a long way in our worlds, but this extends to the fragrance industry as well. Fragrance oils have vastly improved in the way of being much more clean and less toxic than previous years. Emoti(TM) technology from the company Makesy promises science backed data that their scents can improve your mood through olfactory functional technology. These advances are game changing to the candle industry, we can only imagine what is coming next. 

    2) Set the mood - We all know a candle can create a ambiance like no other. Using multiple candles of different shapes and sizes also sets a scene. There are multiple types of ways to set different moods, for example if you are looking for a cozy atmosphere like a warm fireplace opt for a candle with crackling wood wicks. These types of candles actually flicker and give off sound like wood crackling. Most people find this incredibly soothing. If you are looking for more of a traditional candle you can opt for a cotton wick candle. These are most commonly found in candles and can be a bit less expensive then the wood wick types. 

    3) Home Decor - When you purchase a candle, more often than not you are drawn to the style of the vessel which will entice you to pick it up then the scent of course is next. There are endless options from minimalist styles, to stone styles, glass and tins. It is so important to choose a style that compliments your home and fits your aesthetic. You can add such a touch of elegance to a room by choosing a stone candle, or add a fun pop of color in a tin to your space whichever you choose, make sure it is something that adds a bit of happiness to your day. 



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